The First Step of the Journey . . .

I speculate that I have a year before I get a second kidney transplant.

For this year ahead I am consciously focusing on accomplishing a few things;

  • adhering to an aggressive dialysis schedule (20 hours of Hemodialysis a week)
  • working out towards fitness goals
  • writing for magazines and journals – building on my body of published work
  • building my platform as a “chronic illness fitness advocate”
  • retaining and working with a life coach
  • writing the pitch for my first book

I would like to invite you; friends, family and the general public to share this year with me.

Thinking about this time with a sense of urgency will give me focus.

Sharing this year with you will make me accountable.

Documenting this precious time will be rewarding and fun.

(Don’t worry, I will take the time to fill you in with lots of background information so you know what got me to this part of my journey.)

I hope you chose to join me . . .

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9 Responses to The First Step of the Journey . . .

  1. bipolargen says:

    You are a strong beautiful woman, and you can achieve all those goals above!

  2. Corky Coates says:

    You are an amazing lady Karen, thank you for sharing your journey to success!

  3. Vicky says:

    you are motivating me to do the same and set some goals that are achievable and will make me a better person. YOu are really inspiring. You have been through so much and look at you… strong and healthy and fighting every step of the way. You have some great team players on your team for sure. Love you

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  5. kns544 says:

    Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment. It means a lot to me. 🙂

  6. Panja says:

    Karen, you are amazing!! Glad you are sharing your story…and so happy to be following you!!

  7. Tim Hendrickson says:

    You are beautiful in all ways !! Please continue your recovery and your mature online presence.
    Thanks. –Tim

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