Housekeeping . . .

I wanted to get some important (but boring) stuff out of the way on today’s post. Hence “Housekeeping” . . .

I’d like you to know what I am offering you with this blog.

1. Two posts a week on Tuesdays and Fridays.

2. I would like to start doing a video blog once a month, as of January. If I get comfortable with video I may increase the frequency per month.

3. I will interview someone related to my journey once a month and share their story. A short question and answer post that captures the essence of the person being interviewed.

4. I would like to share my published articles with you. As I have new articles I will post them here. If any of my archived articles are relevant I may share those too.

5. The opportunity to link with all of my other on-line stuff. I am working on my website ( I’ve created a simple Facebook page ( I have opened a Twitter account ( And I will also get onto YouTube (just give me a sec). Your “likes”, “follows” and “adds” will be greatly appreciated.

6. I will share records of my progress. My dialysis log, fitness program and log (including photos – no matter how terrifying that idea feels!)

7. I will answer all questions related to my journey. Ask away.

Please let me know if there is anything else you’d like.

Here is what I will ask, in exchange, from you . . . 

Simple guidelines. (Those of you with compassion, common sense and respect will understand these points as no-brainers.)

1. I will enforce a zero tolerance policy for abusive comments.

2. Anonymous comments are discouraged.

3. If you’re behaving badly I will call you out on it.

4. Don’t say anything on-line that you wouldn’t say in person.

Thanks for cooperation with this. I do appreciate it.

That being said, let’s move on . . .

My post for this Friday will be about DIALYSIS. What it is. What types there are. What type of dialysis I do. What the typical schedule is. What my schedule is. Etcetera. I’ll include some photos too; some of me and others from the internet to help explain.

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