The WRITE Stuff . . .


I couldn’t resist the corny title . . . forgive me!

All my life I’ve written. Poems, little stories, short memoirs . . . Writing has always been important to me. My first published work was a poem about my little brother, Jason, featured in a local newspaper when I was in grade 7 or 8. (I’ll share it with you if I can find it.)

You’ll see attached, the cover of a book I wrote and illustrated in 1983. My teacher had it laminated. It’s a melodramatic little story about a lost unicorn. I couldn’t read it now without cringing. (I was eleven when I wrote it . . .)

This year I am taking my first steps towards making writing my full-time profession. I hope to sell as many articles to magazines and journals as possible and I will write the proposal to try to get a deal for my first book.

As far as selling articles . . . each writer is on their own. To sell an article I must research a magazine (or journal), write a pitch letter to explain my article idea and then hope they like the idea. After that, if all goes well, I write the article with an editor from the magazine and eventually it will be published.

I have a few articles in the works right now . . . I’ll share articles with you on this blog as soon as they’re published. Getting published takes work but it’s exciting . . . like making your own lottery tickets and playing your odds whenever you want to.

A book proposal, for those who are interested, is a detailed plan that you send to a publisher to explain the idea for your book. It’s similar to a business plan in that you explain the idea, talk about how viable the idea is, show how your book will be better than it’s competition, etc.. A book proposal entails a lot of work but I am motivated to start writing it.

I am excited to share my writing with you over the next year  – and hopefully into the future.

Thanks for sharing this journey with me.

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