Post Cardiology Appointment Update . . .



Happy Holiday Friday . . .

My appointments in Toronto went really well! I had an Echocardiogram and a ECG and I met with a cardiologist (heart doctor) at St. Michael’s Hospital. This doctor would give his opinion – if he felt I was a good candidate for a kidney transplant, from the perspective of a heart specialist.

I got to my tests and realized that I was nervous. But it made sense to be nervous . . .  there was a lot at stake. I had to consciously calm myself and relax. (I figured that being anxious probably wouldn’t reflect well on a cardiac test!)

Meeting with the doctor was a awesome.

He said I was a great candidate for another kidney transplant. He reassured me, he didn’t anticipate any cardiac related problems. We talked about my SICK TO FIT journey. We discussed how well Cardiac Rehab and Aggressive Dialysis had worked for me.

I even managed to avoid an evasive (and traumatic test) because he believed my work-out schedule was better evidence of my heart health than a medical test would demonstrate. (And I was happy for that!!)

What a relief to know that my hard work really makes a difference.

What a relief to know that keeping up with my fitness routine has maintained (and even slightly improved) my heart.

I won’t lie and say having fitness in my life is easy but I know it’s worth it. What positive incentive to continue with the changes I made to my lifestyle.

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4 Responses to Post Cardiology Appointment Update . . .

  1. skilledtherapycompare says:

    Good luck and cheers to a better health! Keep up with your cardiac rehab. Happy Holidays!

    • kns544 says:

      Happy Holidays!! I am finished Cardiac Rehab but I emerged with a fitness ethic and the knowledge of how to work out in a healthy/safe way. I’m in the gym four times a week now and loving it. Best to you!

  2. Dear Karen. I wish you love, light and continued healing. You are an inspiration and a blessing. Much love.

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