A Day Late but RIGHT ON TIME . . .



I apologize for posting today as opposed to yesterday. Between the move and lack of internet it just didn’t happen. (I won’t make a habit of being late though.)

On to it . . .

Every January is the same for me. (I am a person who is never satisfied.) I always ask myself, “What more do I want to accomplish in the year ahead?”

I don’t beat myself up for what I haven’t accomplished in the year past. (Thank God! I know most people who beat themselves up about things can’t help it.) I just look at what I’d like to accomplish next.

This year I feel so blessed to have you with me as I look forward to 2013. I have never felt so excited as I look towards a new year before . . . NEVER.

Here are goals I’ve set and their current status:

Adhering to an aggressive dialysis schedule (20 hours of Hemodialysis a week):
Although sticking to a four hour a day (five to six days a week) dialysis schedule is difficult, I must do it. My heart improved in leaps and bounds because of this routine (coupled with working out). I have to stick to it to maintain the benefit. And all indications make me hopeful for light at the end of the tunnel . . . In less than a year, when I have a transplant, I can put dialysis aside. I am looking forward to that.

Working out towards fitness goals:
Although sticking to a gym schedule isn’t easy, I must do it. Keeping up with my cardio, free weights, core work and stretching has provided great results. There is no looking back on this one. In the new year I want to step it up a little and start working with a personal trainer. Of course I will share this adventure with you as soon as it begins . . . (I’m sore already.)

Writing for magazines and journals – building on my body of published work:
In the writing world you can finish a project months before it’s published in a magazine, journal or newspaper. In the last few months I’ve completed some writing that I’m really proud of for strong publications. I will be very excited to finally get to share this work with you. Plus, I need to keep pitching new ideas and keep this positive momentum going.

Building my platform as a “chronic illness fitness advocate”:
This is a tricky one . . . so far I’ve shared my “Sick to Fit Journey” at conferences and in lectures. My next goal is to share my story in magazines – I have a few in mind. My experience will also be featured in the Canadian Renal Rehab Network’s website in mini audio documentaries. Of course, I will share that too.

Retaining and working with a life coach:
Working with a life coach is a process of teaching, training and/or development. This is an aspect of of the new year that I am really excited about. I would get support while working at achieving my specific personal and/or professional goals. So far I’ve met with two life coaches and I plan on speaking to a few more before I make my decision as to who to work with. I am so eager to have a help as I look towards my goals.

Writing the pitch for my first book:
Writing my book pitch is going to be an undertaking. I will work hard to prove that my book idea is interesting and commercially viable. In accomplishing that I have a tool to help me, a book called, “How to Write a Book Proposal” by Michael Larsen. What an amazing resource.

Probably a little too much detail but in writing out my goals today I am solidifying these things in my mind. Because it’s so clear in my mind it is just that much closer to being reality.

What goals to you have for 2013? For your life in general? Consider writing these goals down. Consider sharing your plans with one or two people you really trust . . . who are unconditionally supportive. Share your goals with me in a private message, if you’d like.

As I look forward to another year I have to remember how precious this time is. I can not take this year ahead for granted.

I really do feel like 2013 will be one of my best years ever. The prospect of a second kidney transplant alone make it wonderful for me. I hope it’s a really special year for all of us.

And so it is . . .

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