Ducks in a Row . . .


Today’s post is about organization within the home. I can only write about what makes sense for me and organization is the foundation of peace within my house. I love order. My intention is not to come across pious about this though. I’m certainly not saying my way is best because my way isn’t best – it’s just best for me. I crave order because I don’t function well without my things organized. Everyone is different though. We all have our systems.


As a quick aside. Anyone who knows me will attest to how bad I am with idioms. I had to look up “ducks in a row” to make sure I even had that one right. I am famous for mixing up two idioms (I usually start with “taking the horse to water” but add something about his mouth or the bush) and then end by saying, “well, you know what I mean!” To make matters worse, with a Trinidadian background, I have a whole other set of idioms to confuse matters with. 🙂

On to the post . . .

I’m only at the first 48-hour mark in my new place. I feel happy but I’m not feeling at peace yet. (I know. I have to be patient and give it a little time.)

The trade-off of with this move is that I don’t have a dedicated storage area in my apartment anymore. No room to cram with my suitcases, DIY supplies and Christmas decorations.

On the up-side, instead I have a bedroom solely dedicated to dialysis and dialysis supplies. When I finish my treatment I can simply close the door and walk away. Wonderful . . .

Also, for the first time in a year, I have a bedroom free of medical related “stuff”. I am decorating this “dialysis free” bedroom now based around a few key pieces; a modern colourful art piece, a sparkly “doesn’t take itself too seriously” chandelier and a DIY upholstered headboard that will be a rich violet colour. I am creating my own personal oasis. 

There are other perks to my new apartment. A big, bright living room. A beautiful panoramic view.

The point here . . . the medical aspects of my life are demanding. The goals that I’ve set for myself in the coming year are also demanding. I am so committed to setting myself up for success that even where I live is in keeping with my goals. To get through another year of dialysis (year five) and to get through a year of ambitious goals, I need an environment that is conducive to these things. The only way I could improve on this is to have a third room set up as a mini gym. (I’ll make that the plan for my next place. LOL!)

For me, the success I want is part of a holistic, bigger-picture plan. For me, the success I want leaves no part of my life untouched.

Back to the dreaded unpacking and organizing. Urg . . .

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