Making “like” to the Camera . . .

Happy Friday everyone! 

Got an informal report card from my blog and on-line “mentor”, Chris De La Rosa, from a few days ago. He was impressed with what I’ve accomplished so far with the blog but was pressing me to start video blogging. He’s assured me the video blog (vlog) is where the relationships grow. The very best forum to share my journey.


It’s one thing to share my story . . . pour out my heart from behind the safety of words but it’s another thing to get in front of the camera.


I’m not a shy person. I used to be an actress. I’ve modeled before. I get up and comfortably do public speaking gigs. I’ve even been interviewed on TV on a few occasions. But for some reason there is something scary, vulnerable and naked about setting my iPhone up in my living room and recording myself talking to you.

(big breath . . .)

But . . . like most things in my life that make me uncomfortable I create a proverbial “line in the sand” and I cross it. (Part of crossing involves learning iMovie on the computer too. Yuck.)

I promised that I would figure out the video blog thing in January and start adding another dimension to this adventure. It is January.

SEE you next Tuesday.

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