Letting a BAD Day GO . . .


Yesterday was not a great day. Unknown

I started my day off ambitiously. I woke up and immediately got on the dialysis machine. I did five hours, instead of my usual four hour session. (A catch up session.) After dialysis the plan was to do a few errands, hit the gym for two classes in a row and then relax for the night.
Somewhere in there I planned to record a video for my Friday blog post and take care of some other work.

And what happened . . .

Dialysis and not much more. One of those days where not much gets accomplished. (Hardest for me was not making the gym.)

In order to accomplish my bigger goals I need to do a little each day towards the bigger picture. Yesterday was almost a write-off and it’s tempting to beat myself up about this type of day.

What I need to keep in mind . . .

I did get a great medical treatment in yesterday. Even though that’s not a part of my professional goals specifically, in the bigger picture if I am not well nothing will be possible. Nothing.

I need to be mindful of what’s going on in my life right now; I just moved and renovated (and I am not 100% settled yet), I’m mentally preparing for the funeral of a close family friend. And there are other transitions happening in my life (including my car). A lot is going on!!

I can’t hide behind these circumstances forever. They can not become excuses to not be productive but I need to cut myself a little slack right now.

So . . .

  • A written post will have to replace the video. (I’m sure you don’t mind.)
  • I’ll go at a Cardio-Tone class in lieu of the classes I missed.
  • I’ll chill and enjoy the evening – since my dialysis for the day is already finished.

It’s not easy for any of us to “relinquish” a day, as lost, when we’re working towards a goal but . . .  there is a lot to being kind to ourselves.

Yesterday was a reminder to me to be kind to myself.

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