What TRUE INSPIRATION looks like . . .

Last week I had the pleasure of introducing a couple who spoke at a conference at Kingston General Hospital. I was told that they were amazing speakers with an incredible story. I was sent an email with the introduction to share about them with the audience. After the presentation I was asked to present them with a gift from the conference organizers.

I thought I knew what to expect.

The husband and wife duo, Bryan and Marijo Cuerrier, would share Bryan’s battle with “flesh eating disease” which lead him to undergo multiple amputations.

Bryan and Marijo lead the crowd on an emotional roller coaster. (I hate to use such a cliché but the word roller coaster really describes it). We laughed when Bryan recalled drug-induced dreams and hallucinations. We felt for Marijo when she recounted the inner conflict of making decisions on her partner’s behalf – decisions to amputate one limb after another. We cheered when we saw photos of the couple walking down the isle on their wedding day . . . a walk Bryan fought for in rehab. We cried again when we saw photos of Bryan and Marijo enjoying life, post-amputations; skiing, sailing, swimming, golfing.

At the end of their presentation there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. I prayed I’d have enough composure to thank them and present their gift.

Please take a few minutes and watch their video. Their example reminds me of a quote I saw recently . . .
“The only true disability is a bad attitude.”


I watched the video again just now . . . and cried AGAIN.

Be ready to cry too but not because it’s sad. Because it reminds us of the very best of human spirit. What we all aspire too on our journeys.


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2 Responses to What TRUE INSPIRATION looks like . . .

  1. Hello Karen Nicole your words are so touching and we thank you for them. It’s always nice when you can touch someones heart….god bless.

  2. kns544 says:

    You’ve touched MANY hearts. You and Marijo are amazing!

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