The Simple Act of Sowing Seeds . . .

One of my goals is to share my story. I do that in these blog posts. I share in articles. I think that’s important.

One of the most powerful ways to share is in public speaking and advocacy. Getting up in front of a crowd and talking about my journey.

So . . . in keeping with this goal I am introducing myself to a speaking agency based in Toronto and New York. (The seed.)

I am going to do something I learned when I was an actor. Contact someone who you hope to work with in the future and . . . just introduce yourself.

Don’t ask for anything.

Don’t expect any response necessarily.

Just let this person or agency know you exist.

After you’ve made the introduction simply keep in touch with them on a casual basis. (As an actress I would send invitations to my plays and put these people on the guest list. Or announce the completion of a indie film.)

So the goal is to get that person or agency interested in you. And when it’s time, when you’ve reached a particular plateau, to have THEM ask to work with you.

Right now I am putting together a package for this speaking agency. An intro letter – which includes my goals and my resume. Probably a photo or two as well. I want to show that I am working pretty hard on my goals already. I want them to wonder when I could accomplish with their help. The sky is the limit . . .

I’m sharing this plan for a few reasons:

1. Public speaking and advocacy are part of my goals for this year. I will send the package and let you know the reaction I get – if any. You will hold me accountable in this.

2. To show you that progress begins in small, hopeful gestures. (Not unlike seeds.) The goal is for these gestures to blossom and grow. The action I do today can potentially culminate in something big and amazing but now it’s a small manageable seed. I hope to grow this “seed” with you.


A few people have asked the significance of the dandelion in my logo and on this blog. I see it as the symbol of the dissemination of ideas.

What small manageable seed could you sow today?

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4 Responses to The Simple Act of Sowing Seeds . . .

  1. Might consider drafting up an outline of a sample speech or maybe a slide show. Good luck either way.

    • kns544 says:

      Thanks, Barry. I have a few speeches on file, including a PowerPoint. It would be good to include one of them in my package. Eventually I would like to video-tape some of my speeches to have on hand. Maybe even share one in my blog. You’ve given me some good ideas. 🙂

  2. Becky says:

    Interesting Karen, great idea! So simple but yet it takes a strong initiative to follow through and maintain your contacts. I look forward to hearing the response.

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