There’s a Reason You’re Always Late . . .

Above, in purple, is a link to an article on Yahoo. I posted it on my Facebook page today and it was well received. Thought I’d use it as my blog post for today.

So, basically the article looks at reasons that people who are always late are late. I am not always late but I am certainly not perfect when it comes to being places on time. I am working on it.

The article suggests a few patterns and reasons for lateness. I see that my patterns fit into two categories; the person who doesn’t want to be early and bored and the person who believes that they can do “one more thing” before they leave to go somewhere.

So today, after reading the article I decided to try a few of the recommendations:

  • arriving 15 minutes early
  • being conscious of not sneaking in tasks when I’m trying to leave to be on time somewhere

So, today I worked and went to a Zumba class.

In both cases I avoided distractions before I left home (and on my way to these two places). And I arrived 15 minutes early to both places!! Although it was BORING waiting . . . it was nice not to be rushed. A co-worker even noticed I was early!

I think as I approach the year ahead . . . especially as I anticipate and create some amazing opportunities for myself, I need to make a serious effort in this area – being on time. I would hate to miss out on something amazing because of a bad habit that can be improved on.

NO excuses in 2013!!

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