The Benefits of Small Pleasures . . .

This past Monday my father and I set out on the 401 East, with our passports, and drove from Kingston, Ontario, Canada to Watertown, New York, for the evening.

I woke up that morning eager from something fun and different. I called him with the idea and he was game.

As we crossed the border, into the United States, I felt a rush of happiness. It was the first time I’d gone to the U.S. in years. I was suddenly reminded that since I’d switched to Hemodialysis I’ve never been away from home for more than 36 hours. (A big sacrifice to make but understandable under the circumstances.)

Let’s consider my life before dialysis . . . I travelled a lot before then. One of my cousin’s would find a cheap flight to Chicago and I’d rush from Toronto to Buffalo – and fly to visit her within 12 hours. (No notice necessary). I’d plan trips to see friends and family regularly. One of my favourites was a trip in 2007 where I went to Trinidad for almost a month. I love to travel.

So here we are, less than an hour from home and it’s a TRIP for me! We did all of my guilty American pleasures; Target shopping, TGI Friday’s dinner and Dunkin Donut’s coffee and treats. I had a ball! We were away for less than four hours and even had the satisfaction of using a different currency. It was a true mini-vacation.

On the way home from Watertown my Dad and I listened to the radio and talked. I looked out the window at an expanse of snow covered fields, on a highway that looked and felt different than theĀ Canadian, 401 highway. It was a really nice time.


It reminded me of two things; one, if you enjoy something figure out how to incorporate it into your life no matter what and two don’t forget that the simple things are often the most powerful refreshers. This little trip was a boost to my soul.

I speculate that I have around a year before I can travel like I used to . . . like I want to. I will need to go to Trinidad after that. Visit family in the States. I’ve got a good friend in Germany. There are places around the world I’d like to see.

Until then I will remember that less than an hour away there’s a mini-vacation waiting for me in Northern New York state . . . of all places.

I will not wait years again to go.

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