Disappointment . . .


Promised I’d share both the good and the bad in this blog

It’s not easy to share bad news . . . especially when I’m not sharing the news for attention seeking reasons. I’m sharing good and bad because I want my blog to reflect real life. It’s not all sunshine and lollipops. We’re all going through it.

So . . . I entered a contest where you share a video about yourself. Of course, I took it very seriously and made a video that I was quite proud of. The odds in the contest seemed good too so I felt optimistic that I’d win something.

And I didn’t.

A little surprised on how hard I’m taking it. I guess I was invested in winning more than I knew.

When you put yourself out there . . . when you take time to plant those little “seeds” you also risk the disappointment of having nothing happen. Not all seeds grow into anything.

But . . .

I am happy and proud that I planted that seed – even though it didn’t “grow” for me.

I learned something from this experience.

I took a risk.

I put my heart into it.

All things to be proud of.

There will be many “seeds” in my journey, I have to think of the big picture. And in the big picture I am very excited because there is a lot of good happening around me. I have a lot to be thankful and happy for.

Nothing wrong with taking a few minutes to mourn something I cared about. 

And . . . moving on

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