It has Arrived . . . finally!!

Bet you never saw anyone so excited about getting a new dialysis machine before!! I am excited though because this is something I fought to get.

Without rehashing the whole turbulent tale . . . I will say, since I began home hemodialysis last March I have fought with the machines I was given. Old, complicated machines that didn’t want to cooperate. That brought me to tears, repeatedly. That baffled me. That inspired me to curse.

The lesson in the whole situation ended up being about advocacy. Speaking up for myself. Being honest. Making my concerns known. Sharing the truth of my situation even when I was tired or fed-up or uncomfortable.

And it was worth it.

Many people spoke words of encouragement to me – insisting I get a new machine. Quiet words that reminded me that my advocacy would lead to good eventually. Reassurance that I wasn’t being a pain in the butt . . . that because I was being polite and reasonable I would be taken seriously.

To get my new machine, I spoke up. Wrote letters and emails. Shared my experience with the right people until I felt as though I had truly been heard. And eventually . . . I was told I’d get a new machine and that because I’d insisted anyone else in our hospitals Home Hemodialysis program who wanted a new machine could get one too.

It was a proud moment.

Because I’d been honest (even in difficult and uncomfortable moments) I had helped others. (Perhaps people who weren’t as inclined to speak up or rock the boat.) That made me feel good. Made the difficult times easier and worth the effort.

So today I got a Fresenius 2008K Home hemodialysis machine. It’s small and simplified . . . and brand new.


Here it is with tubing on . . . all ready to go.

It’s finally here and a reminder that being persistent in asking for what you need can pay off.

Thought I’d take this opportunity to share my dialysis room with you today too. I am still organizing and decorating but this is how it looks so far. My thought is that the nicer the room is the easier it will be for me to spend time in there on the machine. I will eventually paint the walls a nice gray to contrast with the white wood-work and white bedding.


There are a lot a supplies in this room so organization is key. I utilize all possible storage options available. The closet even houses my water machine. Because it’s a closet I can close the doors on the mess. (I like that option!)




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4 Responses to It has Arrived . . . finally!!

  1. Bell, Daryl W. says:

    WOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!!! ________________________________

  2. Wow I’m so proud of you! Plus paying it forward with helping other hemodyalisis users? Must feel amazing. Your hemodyalisis room looks so neet. Your water closet so well organized. You obviously put a lot of work, and love into it. Here’s a virtual hug!

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