Conference UPGRADE!!

If my goal is to become more visible as a voice and presence with Chronic Illness and Patient Advocacy than I think I can say that I’m starting to make some traction . . .

Starting with the conference I attended this week, with Kingston General Hospital (as a member of the Patient Experience Advisor team) I will attend at least six conferences by May. 

March 20th – Canadian Nurses Executive Round-table in Toronto

April 3rd – Patients’ Association of Canada in Toronto

April 17th – Regional Kidney Care Program Nephrology Education Day in Orillia, ON

April 25th – Ontario Hospital Association in Ottawa

April 27th and 28th – Canadian Society of Nephrology specific to Canadian Renal Rehabilitation Network in Montreal

May 3rd and 4th – Ontario Integrated Vascular Health Blueprint in Toronto

May 9th and 10th – Transforming the Patient Experience 2013 Knowledge Exchange in Kingston

For starters, these opportunities are amazing incentives to be healthy and well. Without the foundation of being well I can’t attend any of them.

Secondly, whether I am just participating of getting an opportunity to share a little bit of my story, I am building my foundation and experience in this realm.

So . . .

Exciting news to share.

I called the head organizer of the Regional Kidney Care Program’s Nephrology Education Day to get some information about the closest hotels. In getting that info the organizer asked me my interest in attending the conference. I mention my three reference points; I have relationships with three of the conference presenters; Shad Ireland, Dr. Jeffrey Zaltsman and Dr. Trisha Parsons.

Here’s who these people are:

Shad Ireland is the only person doing Hemodialysis (like me) to have completed the Ironman Competition. I contacted him recently, with the hope of getting some mentorship in being a Chronic Illness Fitness Advocate. It will be a thrill to finally meet him in person after speaking to him via e-mail. His presentation is entitled, “What Inspires You”.

Dr. Jeffrey Zaltsman is a Nephrologist at St. Michael’s Hospital (in Toronto) who was my Transplant Doctor for years. He is part of an amazing team of researchers/physicians at St. Michael’s. His presentation is entitled, “Transplant Update”.

Dr. Trisha Parsons is a Ph.D. researcher/professor/head of the Canadian Renal Rehabilitation Network. She is someone I met through the Cardiac Rehabilitation Clinic at Hotel Dieu Hospital. Dr. Parsons and Diana Hopkins-Rosseel did a scientific study on my “Sick to Fit Journey” that will be submitted to the American Journal of Kidney Disease. I consider these two women mentors and amazing role models in my life. Dr. Parsons presentation is entitled, “Intra-dialytic Exercise: The Basics and Beyond”.

Needless to say I have a lot of reason to be excited to attend this exciting conference. I am really looking forward to it.

Next the organizer asked about my interest in Nephrology to which I explained my story. Surprise to me she later presented me with an amazing opportunity. After speaking to the Clinical Educator at her hospital, she asked if I’d be interested in sharing my story in a brochure that could be distributed to conference attendees. Of course, I said yes. (And thanked her!)

So, I am in the process of creating a brochure about my experience with Chronic Kidney Disease which will be printed and distributed to conference participants!!!

Such an amazing opportunity!!

When the brochure is complete I will share the finished product with you. As well as news of the conference itself.Image

I am loving how life is unfolding.

Busy . . . but with wonderful surprises at every turn.

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2 Responses to Conference UPGRADE!!

  1. girlcalledlovely says:

    Keep in Living! Some exciting stuff happening for you. It’s amazing what happens when you embrace the day you are given.

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