Timothy Ferriss, AGAIN???

Sometimes God/Universe/whatever-you-wanna-call-it gives you a sign. And then other times you get beaten over the head with something . . . It’s beyond a sign it’s a zillion watt beacon.

So, I’ve noticed that since I started this quest towards advocacy and sharing my story that everyone has been mentioning Tim Ferriss to me. Everyone.


He is a twenty-something year old “serial entrepreneur and ultravagabond” to quote the jacket of his book. He’s a best selling author and just an amazing inspiration on a lot of fronts. Since hearing his name I’ve watched a few of his lectures on-line, including a TED Talk. I’ve seen him on Jimmy Fallon as a guest, promoting one of his latest books. My boss, and one of my mentors, Chris De La Rosa of CaribbeanPot.com even sent me Tim Ferriss’ book, “The 4-Hour Workweek” to read.


So I’ve finally given in and started reading the book. (I don’t need any more “signs” at this point.)

So far I’m learning to think about work and productivity differently. Being efficient instead of stiving to be busy. Lots there and lots more to learn, as I’m only on page 35.

I am hoping this book will help me organize and position myself for dealing with a range of goals. I’m trying to accomplish a few things at the same time – which is something he’s managed to do – so I see him as a great example for me to follow. (May even write him.)

Lesson here . . . if life is giving you SIGNS take a minute to explore that sign. I am having a ball learning about this man and I think there is a lot for me to apply to my life and my professional goals.

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2 Responses to Timothy Ferriss, AGAIN???

  1. You may end up reading it a couple times to really absorb the wealth of info Tim included in this book.

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