ADDRESSING Difficult Ideas . . .

Happy Easter Sunday. 🙂

I have never been so late with a post. I could list the excuses . . . I am hosting a guest. I did cook an elaborate Easter Dinner for ten people on Saturday.

In all honesty. I think my issue this week was not with timing but with the idea that I had for the post. For the first time when an idea for a post came to me I got scared and ran away from it.

Easter is a time of rebirth and resurrection. The themes are repeated all around. Of course, it reminds me of a second chance I am anticipating . . . hoping for.

It reminds me too of how interconnected we are. How our lives so strongly influence each other whether we realize it or not.


My kidney transplant will be the result of the ultimate sacrifice of a stranger. Someone’s journey in the physical realm will end for me to have more time.

(deep breath)

This notion is one of the more difficult concepts that I’ve ever had to deal with. It stirs a lot of strong emotions.

On Friday in the midst of prepping for Saturday’s Easter dinner I ended up randomly finding a copy of a letter that I had sent my donor family when I had my last transplant. It was a two page thank you note. I listed all the life I was living and thanked them for respecting their loved-one’s wishes to give me their organ . . . and a second chance.

Of course, I will write another letter for my up-coming transplant and thank the donor family (this new one) again but I am harkened to write something now . . .

Another THANK YOU. 

I would like to take the time now to thank the stranger who within the next year will save my life.

I am sending out a thank you and love out into the universe now.

This person is likely well. Enjoying their Sunday morning too. Having no inclination that a powerful exchange is destined to happen between them and the strangers (like myself) whose lives will change because their lives ended.

I want that person to know that I love them and I am thankful for them.

And that again I will respect and value their sacrifice by striving to make each day I have with their gift – a kidney – special.

I will strive to make something amazing and special of their profound sacrifice. 

As I mentioned, this was not an easy idea for me to think about. I could have written this on Friday, when I was scheduled to post this, but it was a little too daunting still. This morning is not much better but I am counting on the love and understanding from you – the people who are reading this. I hope that you will accept my difficult idea even though it’s dark and morbid and frankly a little sad.

Honestly, I feel sad too. I do not take this sacrifice lightly. But what more can I do now than to whisper a THANK YOU out into the universe and hope that somewhere, at some level it’s being heard.

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4 Responses to ADDRESSING Difficult Ideas . . .

  1. Bell, Daryl W. says:

    This was really lovely Karen! I hope you have a great Easter. D ________________________________

  2. hab4evr says:

    Hi Karen, Happy Easter, your blog tweeked at my heart and made me smile. Your writing is beautiful and thank you for enriching my day.

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