Remembering to have FUN . . .

Quick post today as I am up for a conference tomorrow morning. I need to meet a car service at 5:30am for ten of us, Patient Experience Advisors, to go to a Patient Association of Canada meeting in Toronto. My goal is to be in bed by 9pm!! We’ll see.

Back to business . . .

Todays post is about having fun along the journey  . . . and how important that is. If I’m not having fun then this will not be worthwhile. (What is the expression? All work and not play makes Karen a dull gal.)

So, I organized an impromptu photo shoot for myself today.

Borrowed a camera from my Dad.

Talked my boyfriend into being the photographer.

Styled myself – including hair and make-up.

Called and got the location okayed.

Arrived and signed some waivers.

Took a half an hour of photos  . . . and kept it movin’!!

Here’s why that effort was necessary.

I have been asked to provide photos for a conference that Dr. Trisha Parsons will be attending. Dr. Parsons asked permission to tell my “sick to fit” story at this event but needed a photo of me.

I am very honored and of course I want to put things together nicely. I do have regular photos of myself but I had no photos of me working out or in a fitness environment. That’s what I set out to accomplish today.

Of course, I was a little nervous, because I usually care too much but in the setting of my gym (with sun blazing through huge windows), with great music playing and with my guy behind the camera I had fun.


In future I will schedule a full-on photo shoot with a professional photographer and lights and a “glam squad”, etc. But for now, under the pressure of these circumstances I am proud that I made the best of what was available to me . . . and hopefully got something amazing (some good shots) that I can use in the meantime.

Thanks to the Invista Centre, here in Kingston ON, for allowing me to take photos in their gym – especially with such short notice.

Thanks to my guy for stepping up to the plate and taking photographs.

Proud of what I accomplished today.

Proud that we had fun too. (Despite the pressure I put on myself!!)

And when I find the cord to connect my Dad’s camera to the computer I’ll share what we came up with. (Looks like a few really nice shots that I can use.)

Look out for some fitness photos in the next few days.

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