No cause for alarm – we’ve only hit the WALL . . .

Lots going on . . . 

Having one of those moments when I have to admit that I’ve hit some sort of wall. 

At times it’s hard enough to keep up with my dialysis schedule let alone do all that I ask of myself. I’m not complaining though. I’m happy that I am well enough to be this busy but once and a while I need a break. (It’s not easy cutting yourself slack when you want to accomplish so much . . . and have put pressure on yourself.)

But in all of this I have to remember that I am human . . . and only one person. *weak smile*

Tonight I’ll take it easy and think of something special to do to recharge my batteries. Maybe a movie or a visit to the Salsa Club – if I can get myself motivated. Or not if I can’t get myself motivated.

Tomorrow morning I have Zumba class to look forward to. Great music. A fun instructor. A friend and I have started a Saturday ritual; Zumba and then coffee or shopping. There are plans in the works for Saturday night. Nothing strenuous or stressful . . . an easy night.

Sometimes I have to give in to my body’s rhythm. When it needs rest or needs a break I try to listen. Image

I am proud that I still kept my “blog date” though. Mind you, Friday never crept up so fast. 🙂 

Join me in recharging my batteries, people. We could all use a good jolt of “me time”.


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