Observations from my GUILTY PLEASURE . . .

I’mma just come out with it.

Don’t laugh . . . but I get choked up during the singing talent TV shows. I jump up and down and cheer. I high-five contestants. I pray with them. I’m basically crazy when these shows are on. Pure, unadulterated joy. Yes . . . a guilty pleasure.

So last night as I’m boohooing over a particularly soulful performance on The Voice I started to wonder “why do I have such a visceral reaction to these shows”???


And it begins to make sense to me . . .

These competitions show someone pursing a dream and having their life changed.

(How could that NOT be wonderful??)

Singing is their calling. They believe in this dream enough to audition for the show and there – right before our eyes – we watch a part of their dream evolve.

That aspect alone is very special but what makes it even more powerful is the support that get to help them flourish. From cosmetic things – like working with professional stylists and hair and make-up teams to coaching. Having a professional in the industry coach them to improve their singing, stage presence, etc.. (I’m sure there’s even more too it that we don’t see.)

And as the seasons progress we see people go from raw talent to a polished, complete package. It’s amazing.

So what resonates the most with me?

In my life, as I approach my goals I wish there was a professional team of people waiting to prepare me in all aspects, across the board, to succeed. An “American Idol” for people who want to write or do public speaking. Crazy notion. TV audiences would probably hate it. 🙂

In my life I strive to surround myself to the equivalent of these “professional singing coaches”. People who inspire me. Motivate me . . . And I see these people appearing in my life. A kind of “when you’re ready for the lesson the teacher will appear” thing. 

Watching it happen in a tidy one-TV-season cycle gives me the same satisfaction as the half hour resolution of a TV sitcom. By the end one person will be crowned the winner but many lives will be irrevocable changed.

It’s giddy, fast-paced TV magic.

Love it. 

Think that’s why I’m so eager to work with a Life Coach. Someone who can help me navigate and make decisions. Motivate me further than I can motivate myself. 

Exciting stuff.

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