Jump and a BIGGER net will appear??


Saw this photo and thought it would be the perfect lead-in to todays post. And no I didn’t mess up a colloquialism – I did that on purpose!!

All my life I’ve been stirred by a restless dissatisfaction with life. I hate to even use the word “dissatisfaction” because there is a negative connotation to it but that is the word that best described how I felt. (And yes there was something negative to it.)

Somewhere along the line something has changed for me. The emotion that underlined my quest to be more or better changed from negative to something positive. I can’t describe what changed or why but it’s different now.

The past while my imagination has been ripe with amazing ideas and thoughts for the future. Even now as I write this post I’m at an exciting Nephrology Education conference laying in a king-sized bed with a fire place in my suite. It’s peaceful and quiet . . . The dawn before the sun.

It’s nice to be at a place in my life where change is happening but all I feel is excitement. No anxiety. No fear. A kind of trying to fall asleep at Christmas Eve (when you’re about six-years old) feeling.

Not sure what changed for me? If I speculate – and I hope I’m right about this one – the fear dissipated when I got on the right path. If anything that might be the change.


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