Nephrology Education Day!!!!

Wednesday was one of the best days of my life. Awesome from start to finish.

Two things happened that day. Nephrology Education Day conference in Orillia and seeing Teresa Caputo (Long Island Medium) at the Sony Centre in Toronto.

There is not enough time to detail both . . . so today is all about the conference. (My “Teresa Caputo experience” will get it’s own post in the near future.)

The conference was amazing because it touched on so many areas that I care deeply about; dialysis and exercise, the kidney disease diet, being motivated despite kidney disease, home dialysis and innovations in transplant. Making things even better three of the speakers were people who I admire; Dr. Trisha Parsons, Shad Ireland and Dr. Jeff Zaltsman.

NED Agenda

Dr. Parsons is an inspiration and mentor – as a researcher and physiotherapist, her work with kidney disease and exercise influences so many things I’m doing personally and professionally.

Shad is a pro-level athlete who happens to also do hemodialysis. The pinnacle of his professional career is having finished the Ironman Competition. And . . . he’s going to do it again.

Dr. Zaltsman is a transplant nephrology at St. Michael’s hospital. He was my doctor for years after I left Montreal and moved my care to Toronto. He’s an amazing person whose research has dramatically changed the face of transplant.

I was a kid in a candy-store . . . to use an over-used expression. As I listened to all of these amazing speakers (the other speakers were great too) I was touched.

And I got to share my story too!!! Here is the pamphlet I created for the conference. Everyone’s conference folder contained a copy of story!!!

NED Phamphlet Back

NED Phamphlet Front

From my hotel suite to the conference food to the sunny three and a half hour drive to Orillia – everything came together in an amazing way.

Here are some photos of my awesome day!!


I know I say it a lot but . . . SO MUCH TO BE THANKFUL FOR.

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