The Teresa Caputo Experience . . .

Last Wednesday one of my besties and I went to see Long Island Medium, Teresa Caputo, at the Sony Centre in Toronto. For those who don’t know, Teresa claims to speak to people who have passed.


I’ve been watching Teresa’s show on TLC for years now and I do believe in her ability. (I understand that admitting that may turn some people off but it’s what I believe.)

Watching her show helped me to come to terms with some deaths that I’ve experienced in my life, including losing my Mom at age six. For some reason I’ve found comfort in hearing other people receive their messages from loved ones.

So last Wednesday I sat in a mini seat in a super-crowded auditorium to see this tiny, blond-haired phenom. The room stood to their feet as soon as she entered. She greeted us in her super-thick Long Island accent wearing 4-inch Schwartski crystal-studded Christian Louboutin heels. 

We laughed. We cried. She moved from story to story (person to person) sharing messages or simple words. We all held our breaths hoping the next message was for us.

Almost three hours later we streamed out of the auditorium. Still giddy and a little drained from hearing all of the touching stories. I was speechless.

I didn’t get read. Teresa did come up to the balcony – where we were sitting – but she never addressed us specifically. She did encourage us to listen for words and messages that resonated with us whether the message seemed intended for us or not. There were a few things that intrigued me.

More important than getting my message the experience reminded me that there is so much more to life than we understand.

Too keep an open mind.

Especially . . .  to remember that those who have passed are still with us – in spirit.

As I look back on the experience I am still “digesting” – nearly a week later.

Going to see her for a private session . . . getting “my message” is now on my bucket list. 



Todays post isn’t specific to my one year journey but it’s a moment on the journey when I experienced pure joy, wonderment and fun.

(Those things are as important to this journey as anything else, frankly.) 

Fuel for my tank, so to speak. *wink*


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