Bienvenue a VIA. VIA Bonjour . . .

On the train between Kingston and Montreal, QC. (In Canada our trains are called VIA Rail, btw. Hence the title of this post.)


Enjoying some slow – but free – internet on the way. Drinking coffee and listening to music.


Going to Montreal to speak at a Canadian Society of Nephrology conference at Place Bonaventure in downtown Montreal. Very exciting!!

I will be contributing to a larger presentation lead by Dr. Trisha Parsons who is lead of the Canadian Renal Rehabilitation Steering Committee. The mission of this entity is to improve the lives of people living with Chronic Kidney Disease – with a primary focus on the positive  impact of fitness on these people’s lives.

So, I’m in the process of putting together one of the most important presentations I’ve ever done. For one, it’s long – up to twenty minutes. For two, it’s a power-point presentation. For three, it is speaking to the exact audience that I hope to make a difference with . . . kidney disease people. Doctors. Nurses. Executives. 

The presentation will be about my sick to fit journey. And I’m framing things with a BEFORE and AFTER spin. I’ll be including medical info, photos . . . everything that highlights how amazing the journey (and transition) was. And continues to be.

I want to remind this audience of the most important variables in their life’s work; the patient and our quality of life. 

I want these people to be as excited and moved by my experience and results as I am. The more I can convince them that fitness will benefit their patients the more impact I can have. Sharing my story should be bigger than just having changed my own life.

Why else would be be on a mission to tell my story other than to improve other people’s live too??

It is daunting.

I have put a lot of weight on my shoulders but my goal is to move people enough that they think about things differently when they get back home and deal with their own patients.

I want them to be inspired to start exercises programs.

I want them to be inspired to believe that there is more for their patients lives.

Wish me luck.

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2 Responses to Bienvenue a VIA. VIA Bonjour . . .

  1. hab4evr says:

    You go girl….proud of you!

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