Mind over Matter . . .

Looking at the things I’m expecting of myself, physically, and I’m a little daunted. No matter how I try to banish those feelings of doubt I sometimes can’t.

I am training myself to think of the doubt as the crazy voices and the feelings that “I can do it” as the sane, rational voices. 

There was a lapse in my gym schedule for the last few weeks. I haven’t gone as often, because of conferences and traveling and some minor health issues. And as I try to build myself back up to my peak it makes me think.

Can I really do this? 

Can I be fit and healthy enough to really make my point as an ambassador and advocate?

Am I well enough to become certified to teach group fitness?

Are these goals realistic? 

My rational mind says no but . . . I’ve chosen not to listen to my rational mind.


As hard as it is some days (and it is hard), I am committed to reaching my goals.

I am prepared to work through the pain. To acknowledge the fear and doubt but get past them.

I am a little scared, if I can be honest, but I think any goal worth pursuing should put a little fear in you.


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