There are a few reasons that I started this blog last November:

  • to share my story
  • to get in the practice of writing regularly
  • to build relationships with other like-minded people

AND . . .

  • to have someone to be accountable to (that someone is you)

Accountability. An obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one’s actions.

I’ve set goals of achieving certain things over the next year. I’ve shared with you what those things are. Now I want to start to formally be accountable for accomplishing those things.

Keep on track.

There are three main areas that I’ve set goals in; writing, fitness and advocacy.

I thought I’d give myself a grade (report card) in those three areas and then look at an action plan to continue the success in those areas or to make improvements.

Report Card


  •  maintain my gym schedule (4 to 5 classes a week)
  • become certified


(Although I have been at the gym, recently I have not been doing peak work. I have not begun registration for Canfitpro or Zumba certification  or testing.)


  • pitch to publications
  • post two blog entries a week on blog


(Although I have kept up with the blog posts I have not been pitching articles to publications. I’ve allowed a set-back to stall me. Tsk. Tsk.)


  • share my story at conferences and meetings
  • develop all possible areas of advocacy (“sick to fit”, home dialysis, chronic illnesses, Heart & Stroke, kidney disease, patient experience advisor-ship)


(I’ve had the opportunity to share my story at many conferences and meetings. I’ve begun to speak on a range of topics and for a range of entities.)

ACTION . . . ACTION . . . ACTION . . .

In general, I am happy with what I have accomplished so far. There is a lot to be proud of. I am eager to improve though and I am prepared to do the work. I will list a few things I can do to improve my “grade” in the three areas.


  • I will get the finances together to get a trainer to help me get to the next level of fitness.
  • I will get the finances together to start taking my certification courses and tests.
  • I will continue to go to the gym. Maybe even try some new classes.
  • I will continue my walking regiment with my guy on mornings. (Something new we’re doing.)


  • I will finish the edits on an essay for a medical journal – due May 17th.
  • I will pitch to the three magazines that I have in mind to share aspects of my story. My goal is to write and send three pitches by May 13th.
  • I will revisit a contact I made with an editor-in-chief last year. I’ll write her today.
  • I will continue writing my blog (thanks for all the support in this, btw).


  • I will continue to make myself available for speaking opportunities.
  • I will look at how I can continue to fine-tune my message for the different topic areas.

Closing thoughts:

Proud that the advocacy and speaking work have gone well. Not as happy with the other areas but set on improving things.

It’s not a great feeling to share my short-comings with you. Luckily there is time left to improve. (Please don’t take self-reflection as me being hard on myself. I believe in challenging myself. I also know that if I’m not honest with myself – or if I baby myself – I will not achieve my goals. This is a year of sacrifice. I will do the work now so I can reap the benefits later. I am totally cool with that!!)

Thanks for joining me in this year long journey and giving me the gift of “accountability”. Doing this alone, it would be easier for me to just move forward blindly without any honest reflection on how I’m doing.

Make sure there are people who you are accountable to with your goals. It is a little uncomfortable but it makes a huge difference in getting meaningful results.

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