Home-stretch WAKE UP CALL . . .

Haven’t been feeling well the past week. (Still got a lot accomplished but wasn’t feeling 100%.)

During the week I had some physical symptoms I thought I recognized. Took some action to correct those symptoms.

Finally yesterday I had some bloodwork done . . . and found out that my levels were quite bad. And that I had a different problem than I thought I’d had.

The dialysis unit directed me to go straight to emergency . . . which I appreciate. Unfortunately yesterday was my Dad’s 70th birthday party and I wasn’t going to miss that. (I really didn’t want to miss it.)

Solution . . . I called my doctor, a man I consider something like a second father because he is so kind and encouraging to me. He is a nephrologist (kidney specialist) who treated me off and on since I was in my teens but who is semi-retired now. I am very lucky to have such a knowledgable man looking after me . . . especially since he gives me the chance to text, call or email him whenever I need to.

So when I mentioned my bloodwork results he told me to get on the dialysis machine immediately. He said I had to do a few hours of dialysis before I went to my Dad’s function and then a few hours more when I got home from it. While at the function I would also have to watch what I ate too as not to undo the good I’d done in my first dialysis session.

With the help of a good friend I got on the machine and mentally prepared for all the dialysis I’d be doing. I logged six and a half hours between 5pm and 4:30am – with my Dad’s party in between. 

I was close to tears by around 4am . . . exhausted but determined.


I consider this experience a wake-up call. And a mild one, at that, because the situation could have gone badly. I am very lucky.


Now that I am on the home-stretch towards getting my kidney transplant I can not compromise my health in any way; physical or psychological. I think this experience is a reminder that I can’t afford to lose focus.

I have been forewarned that burn-out is expected for someone doing this much dialysis. But I have also been told that the more dialysis and exercise I do in anticipation of my transplant the better my outcome. (I am all for a better outcome.)

I will admit that with all of the conferences and work in the past few weeks I have not dialyzed in the manner that I’m accustomed to – and that is best for me. I get a lot of dialysis in but not as much as I’ve done in the past.

Point taken.

No more symptoms needed.

I am committed to being back on track for the benefit.

Please send positive thoughts and courage my way.

Not sure why it has to be darkest before the dawn??

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