My HOME STRETCH Game Plan . . .

Last week’s mini crisis reminded me of a priority more important than any of the professional goals I have for this year . . . my health.

If my health isn’t in order there is nothing else possible.

Not only could I jeopardize those goals I could end my life or jeopardize my quality of life.

Profound thought . . .

So, I’ve decided to come up with a Home Stretch Game Plan. 


I think the home stretch can potentially make or break a race and as I approach my personal home stretch (my kidney transplant) I want my mind and body right. (We are already more than six months into my “year” . . . if I anticipate the transplant this year I need to start to think that it could happen soon.)

CHANGES (the plan):

Here are some changes I will put into place in anticipation of finishing this year in the best position possible.

1. I am going to add a 6 hour dialysis session to my weekly schedule – with the goal of doing this six hour session on Saturdays or Sundays:

(I’m on the machine now with 5 hours and 25 minutes left.) With a six hour session once a week I can be sure to meet and exceed my 20 hour a week dialysis goal. The more dialysis I do the better health I will be in when they call me in for my kidney transplant. 

2. My second blog-day a week will move from Friday to Saturday (or Sunday) to be written while I’m on the machine: 

Doing my blog post on the weekend will give me something to do during that long six hour time. I can spend some of that session with you. Thanks!!!

3. No slimming down (body-wise) until after the transplant: 

One of my goals is to be in “fitness model” shape for photos to support my story. (If I pitch my story for magazines they are more likely to take me seriously if there are photos that show how well my fitness journey is going.)

So, if I were to prepare to do that photo shoot I would have to work a little harder at the gym and make some serious adjustments to my diet. (In case you hadn’t noticed fitness models have very little body fat.) On the other hand, in my case I know someone who is anticipating a major operation is best to have a little extra body fat on reserved to help get through the operation and recovery period. This is not the time to be watching my waist-line.

It comes down to my priorities really. Why do I go to the gym? In my case it’s to be active, fit and strong . . . and to derive the cardiovascular benefits. (Those good “work-out” chemicals like endorphins are a good motivation too.) I am not in the gym to lose weight. That will never be my motivation because I am in a very safe weight range for my height. In the meantime, I will still be at the gym four to five times a week but I will stick to what I am doing now and maintain a plateau.

 I think this plan will serve me well as I move forward.

Thinking about it (and writing it down) will give me a boost to stick to the plan despite the changes – especially the six hour dialysis session. That long of a session sucks – I can’t lie and say it doesn’t.

Being accountable to you about this plan helps too. I will report my status (on the machine) and time left when I write the weekend blog post. (You can help keep me in line.)

Oh, to the day I can watch this machine being wheeled out of my apartment!!!

The plus side of this plan . . . 

I can enjoy the new adjectives being used to describe me lately, “thick” and “chubby”.

I can relax and enjoy my time like the pregnant lady who puts on a tunic dress and saddles up to the table for dinner!!

Speaking of dinner. *wink*

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