What I’d prefer to do with 6 HOURS . . .

On the dialysis machine for my 6 hour weekend stretch. (Thanks for being here with me through it.)

I’m currently at the “one hour left” point.

A friend came and hung out with me for the first two hours. (Which I really appreciate.)

I had a nap for an hour and a bit.

Then my Dad came with a treat from Wendy’s and visited.

And now I’m on the computer working as I watch the clock count down.

As you know, in anticipation of my kidney transplant I’m doing a six hour treatment once a week in addition to my regular schedule. I have been advised that the more dialysis I do in anticipation of this operation the better my outcome could be. (And I’m watching my stress level too.)

So today’s post is a list of six hour things I am looking forward to doing in place of this dialysis session. When I can finally kiss the machine good bye . . .

1. From Kingston to my cousin, Joanne’s house, in New Jersey is roughly six hours. I look forward to jumping in the car, getting on the highway and visiting her. This is especially meaningful because now, while I am unable to travel, she and her family, make it a priority to drive up to Canada to visit me at least twice a year. 


2. The flight from Toronto to Port-of-Spain, Trinidad is roughly six hours. My family is from Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean. It will be nice to be able to attend the family gatherings there. Food. Music. Culture.


3. Right now because of my dialysis access line I am not able to swim at the beach or in pools. The risk of infections is too high. I could probably spend six hours, or more, in the water at the beach. I could probably do twelve!


Three exciting options – so far – to dream about. 

Until then . . . 30 minutes to go.

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