Taking a moment to give THANKS . . .

On the machine . . . doing my weekend long stretch. Two hours and 11 minutes left. Getting a great dialysis session in. (After today I will have done 9 hours in less than 24 hours – over the course of two days. Yeaaaaah!)

Yesterday I watched a show on brain injury. They featured a doctor that is helping to prove that a percentage of people living with catastrophic brain injuries are okay, mind-wise, but trapped in their bodies.

The show featured two men who looked to be in vegetative states but who were being slowly encouraged back to a higher level of function by their wives and holistic medical teams. Neither man was able to speak but both showed some function when their brains were scanned.

What struck me most was that both men suffered the brain injury because of being oxygen deprived from a heart event. One was a from a heart attack and the other a cardiac arrest.

I was oxygen deprived from a cardiac arrest too . . . in March 2011. The medical team speculated that my brain might have been deprived of oxygen for as long as 30 minutes. Dangerously long.

The show was touching and hopeful. Sad and happy.

Both men had wives who were champions on their behalf’s. Beautiful.

Of course seeing this took me back to when my loved one’s were being prepared in anticipation of my outcome. (A time I have no recollection of.)

There were three options discussed; I would die, I would live but be in a vegetative state or I would recover and come back to a version of me.

As you may have guessed I was fortunate enough to be given a second chance. To come back healthy and strong – with a recovery period, of course.

The showed reminded me of how things could have gone.

The prospect terrifies me. I think it would be like being buried alive with no way of getting help. Horrific.

I think this realization (wrong word but you get the point) deserves a moment of thanks.

I could have died.

I could be living in a nursing home unable to talk or enjoy the quality of life I have now.

In plan and simple terms I think this post would be an opportune time to thank the powers that be for my life.

I am so thankful for what I have today – dialysis and all.

I am so thankful too for the energy, ambition and health to go out into the world and achieve the things I want for tomorrow.



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