Considering a Pinacle . . .

I heart TED Talks. 

I love how informal they are.

I love how unassuming yet profound the speakers are.

I love how random the topics are.


One day I’m going to do my own TED Talk.

I figured out one thing from watching TED talks . . . all the speakers approached things from unique perspectives. Sometimes they are scientists, some are problem-solvers, others are regular people with extraordinary minds.

There are two things that appeal to me about TED.

1. To be considered you have to have an idea or approach that’s unique. It can be very simple. It doesn’t require a lot of fan-fare . . . profound and simple are enough.

2. To become a TED speaker or to do a TED talk they work with you to develop your story and help you tell it. I would love to learn how best to tell my story.

In my speaking experience – the past few incidences – I felt like I could convey more. There is more to share but I can’t seem to push myself to go to the dark or sad places. Maybe I should revisit some of the exercises from my acting days?

I can’t think of a better environment to learn the most valuable points of my journey and how best to tell my story.

I have decided that once a major milestone has occurred I will contact the TED people about sharing my story. I can’t share this upcoming milestone yet but when it happens you will be the first to know. It’s a good one!!

In life we often prolong doing things because we imagine that further along we will be better prepared for the challenge. I feel as prepared now as I will ever be. Plus no sense prolonging the opportunity to work with an organization like TED to understand and tell my story more effectively. There is nothing more important than learning that lesson at this point in my life . . . especially with the goals I’m pursuing.

The TED experience will likely change my life forever. Changing how I understand and spin my story. (What lens I see (and share) my life and experience through). Change how I tell my  story. And provide me with some very strategic and elite exposure.

A TED talk would change my life in amazing ways. What a blessing it would be. 🙂

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