Remembering Tools to Overcoming FEAR . . .

There are a few classes at the gym that are no joke. Literally, classes to be reckoned with.

Body Sculpt with an instructor named Keith is probably the hardest one, as far as I’m concerned.

Intense rotations of challenging exercises; burpees, iron crosses, bird-dog with weights, wall-squats, sumo-squats, side plank with weights . . . Imagine the last thing you’d want to hear out of a fitness instructor’s mouth and he’s got it for you!! Some tortures have no name . . . Others can’t be described. (I joke.)

There are a small core of people who don’t miss those classes.

I used to be part of that core.

My problem is that my expectations of myself can be too high. I’ll have a rough dialysis session or be feeling off and still want to “climb Mount Everest”. I don’t cut myself enough slack. 

So, somehow, I built up a fear about going to Keith’s Body Sculpt class. I could go to his Cycle-Fit classes but I became intimidated about Body Sculpt specifically.

I didn’t skip the gym that day though . . . on Saturdays I happily did Zumba instead. Last week was the last Saturday Zumba class though.

I was faced with a dilemma.

I was going to have to go back to Keith’s class. (YIKES!!)

The Friday night in anticipation of class, I made sure to get to bed early.

I woke up and ate a nice breakfast.

Hung out with my guy . . . told him I was going to a class. Probably for the sake of being accountable to someone. 🙂

I got dressed, left home and started my 15 minute car ride to the gym. It was cloudy but hot and I opened the windows and sunroof for air.

Along the way I gave myself a pep-talk.

I reminded myself that although I’d once been in peak condition to do his class easily, I had been away from his class for months and should keep that in mind.

I reminded myself that I had been consistently in the gym – even though I hadn’t done this class. So although I wasn’t in peak condition, I was still in great condition and probably not too far off peak.

I reminded myself that my gym journey is my own and that I should not compare myself to anyone else . . . even myself at another point in time.

I reminded myself that I would be successful if I worked through the class and completed it – even if I wasn’t doing things at the same extreme intensity that Keith was doing it at.

By the time I entered the fitness room and began organizing myself; a mat, heavy and light weights and a stretching band, I had my game face on.

The regulars nodded and smiled. I felt welcomed back to my “gym family”

. . . and it began.

For 50 minutes I fought.

I did everything he asked us to do. Often at my pace but keeping up in my way.

I paced myself by doing low-intensity versions of some exercises.

When the weights were too heavy I did the exercises without the weight – and with careful attention to technique.

I avoided looking at the clock. I just worked.

I enjoyed the cool-down stretch with the bands. He held each stretch for what seemed like 45 seconds – ideal for tired but warmed muscle.

In the end I was BEAT and dripping in sweat. (Quite an accomplishment for me as I am not a sweaty person.)

I was filled with a definite sense of accomplishment. I was really proud.

Now, almost two days later my butt, shoulders and legs are still on fire. A physical reminder of my hard work. 

I really am proud. Talking myself into going. And . . . completing the class. No small accomplishment from my perspective.

What I need to take from this:

With a thoughtful pep-talk (self-talk), a realistic plan and the will to do something, I can get past fear.



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