Balancing the Scales . . .

Had a meeting with one of my mentors, Dr. Trisha Parsons. One of the benefits of being friends with someone who also has a great deal of knowledge is getting some amazing guidance.

While speaking to her I was reminded of some balance and counterbalance necessary for my fitness and health success.


Doing dialysis I sit for up to 20 hours a week – in stretches as long as six hours each. (Not good.)

The kicker is that dialysis patients can suffer long-term negative effects to our bodies from sitting so much. Problems we have are often compounded by sitting on the machine for long stretches of time.

But there is a solution to this problem . . .

EXERCISE!!! (surprise, surprise)

One of the most valuable and effective ways for hemodialysis patients to avoid the perils of too much sitting is to counter the negative effects with exercise.

Another reason for me to work towards being a chronic illness advocate. I don’t think enough dialysis patients know this.

And there is hope because research seems to show that the exercise necessary to gain benefit doesn’t have to be intense or particularly strenuous . . . a good walking schedule is pretty effective. There really is hope for regular dialysis patients – not just a precious few who can be as active as I am.

And getting back to my own benefit. My own personal balance and counterbalance for my own success.

Having another reason (to add to the huge list of benefits) to stick to my fitness schedule never hurts.

Sometimes we’re given information just when we need it most.

My hope in writing this blog and in building my career as a Chronic Illness Advocate (and Patient Experience Advisor) is to make sure I share the information I’m privy to.

Especially with the power that a message has when it comes from someone who has lived the experience.

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