Finding a Home Away from Home . . .

I’m not usually a person who waits to see what happens. There are so few areas of my life that I have any control over that when an area presents itself I like to take matters into my hands.

I’m going to be in Toronto a few times in anticipation of my transplant and I will certainly be in Toronto a lot after my transplant too.

Once I am released from the hospital, after the operation, I will have to make trips to the Transplant Clinic on a regular schedule so they can monitor me. I will spend the first few weeks in Toronto with an appointment at the Transplant Clinic every day. Next I will begin to visit St. Mike’s on a weekly basis and eventually slow down to visiting the Transplant Clinic every three months.

They will be looking at how my body reacts to the organ and the anti-rejection medications. Trying to find the right balance for me.

So in anticipation of this major event I thought I try to find myself a home away from home in Toronto.

There are my usual Toronto options but I thought why not try something new and exciting . . . in keeping with my new and exciting re-start at life.

Then I remembered a hotel/residence that family stayed in a few years ago. I remember being texted some amazing photos of a beautiful, bright modern suite. I remember them speaking very highly of all the amazing amenities there too.

One King West.


I took a risk and emailed the manager at One King West. I explained my situation and why I’d be in Toronto on an extended stay. What a shock to me when I received a return email from the manager of Extended Stays a short time after. A thoughtful man who took a moment to learn my story through PDFs I sent, and a link to my blog.

We met, via telephone, where my situation was given very gracious consideration. One King West will be my Toronto home for my kidney transplant!!

What do I take away from this situation?

  • It never hurts to ask. If you have an idea reach out to someone who can help you with your idea. It will either be a yes or a no. And often it will be somewhere in between – a yes with not quite what you asked for but something equally positive. And certainly more than you’d have if you hadn’t asked in the first place.
  • Don’t underestimate the compassion and understanding possible of others. In my experience people are fundamentally good. Maybe because I believe that people rise to the occasion and are good to me? 
  • Embrace life and all the joy inherent in it. Be greedy for the good in life. I could have stayed in the hotel I usually stay in. Looking forward I imagined a setting as special as I’d feel getting a new kidney. I thought of the boundless energy and enthusiasm I’d be feeling in that moment when I’d be well enough to leave the hospital. I remember that amazing feeling I felt the last time I left the hospital with a new kidney. High on life. And I thought, why not be high on life in a larger than life setting. Somewhere as special as that moment.

I know I’m hyping this hotel up but there is a pragmatic side to this choice too.

The amenities:

  • Kitchenette with fridge, stove, microwave oven and dishwasher
  • En-suite washer and dryer
  • Linen, china and cutlery
  • 27” LG Flat Screen TV with DVD Player
  • High Speed Internet Service
  • Sony Dream Machine Clock Radio/CD Player
  • Coffee maker
  • Electronic safe
  • Individual climate control
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Modern designer décor

And the pièce de résistance for a gal like me . . . a roof-top fitness centre. (Not sure how soon I will be allowed to get back to my full gym routine but I will at least be able to do cardio.)

It will be a literal home away from home where I can cook and do laundry and have a semblance of normalcy while I recover. Nice, huh?

Here are some photos. If you’re ever in Toronto consider staying at One King West. It’s not just for extended stays, btw.

Here are some photos . . .



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2 Responses to Finding a Home Away from Home . . .

  1. Vicky says:

    this is so awesome. And both Shelton and i love that place. We have stayed there a few times.

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