Can I handle the TRUTH??

I can never remember who famously said, “YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH”. It’s one of the most often used quotes from movie history. (Just like with idioms, I mix quotes up too.)

Reading Shad Ireland’s book right now. It’s called, “A Promise Made – In Pursuit of the Iron Dream”. Shad is a man living with Chronic Kidney Disease who does dialysis like me. His claim to fame is that he’s the only person currently doing dialysis to complete the Ironman competition!! It’s a triathlon comprised of swimming, cycling and running. Frankly most “healthy” people wouldn’t be able to do it . . . let alone a man who lives with renal failure.

I was lucky enough to see Shad speak at a Nephrology Education conference in the spring. It was an inspiring talk. Most people were moved to tears. Everyone was inspired by Shad’s energy and unflinching spirit. At the time he gave me a copy of his book and graciously signed it too.

The book sat on my bedside table for a long time. (There are a few books on there that I’m going to read.) I tend to be too tired to read after I finish dialysis and the gym and work but I decided I would get it started.

Not sure what I expected.

I’ve read a few books written by fellow patients. A lot of time although the story is strong they can read a little simplistically. Not my favorite.

Did Shad ever blow me away. Articulate. Gut-wrenching. Painfully honest. Insightful. I should have expected that of him, having enjoyed his talk so much, but sometimes how people talk and how they write don’t align.

Big lesson here for me . . .

When it comes time to sit down to do the work of writing my book I need to find the courage to tell my truth too. The lows. The disappointments. And how those emotions really feel.

I was inspired as I read about his journey. I envied how cathartic it must have been for him to unburden himself of the feeling and words of pain and sadness. And to share his triumphs too.

I am a little anxious about how my friends and family will feel to know how I feel inside. How I often suffer silently. For them to know my truth. (Scary prospect.)

On the other hand there is no sense in me sharing my story if I’m not going to do it right. Dig to unearth reality. I want to share my story to inspire people and show that even with pain and suffering life can still be very beautiful.

If you’d like a down-to-earth, touching read that will inspire you. That details a low to high trajectory that a phoenix would marvel at, please get Shad’s book too.

Shad's Book Cover

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2 Responses to Can I handle the TRUTH??

  1. Vicky says:

    that was jack nicholson in that movie with tom Cruise where they are in court. Jack loses it on the stand and says, you want the truth, you can’t handle the truth. hehehe

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