No LOVE for Kidney Disease . . .

I know this is going to upset some people but it has to be said . . .

There is not much love for kidney disease.


Cancer. Heart & Stroke. You name it . . . kidney disease seems to be at the bottom of the pile. (I don’t begrudge these other diseases, btw. Especially since I’ve had cancer and live with heart disease, tandem to kidney disease).

One day I am going to write and really speculate about why kidney disease gets less love??? (I have ideas but I want to better form these ideas than to write about it in this post.)

I was asked to participate in a Kidney Walk this week. Of course I’ve said yes. The walk will be in September.

The goal for the whole walk (for the Kingston area) is $10, 000.

I was saddened and shocked to read this.

When I did Big Bike for Heart & Stroke there were individual teams that nearly made that much!!!

One of the reasons that I am putting my life and illness on public display is to help CHANGE the perception of kidney disease. Raise the profile in whatever small way I can. This is important stuff.

The higher the profile kidney disease gets the more funding and support it will get. That funding and support directly affects lives. People live whole life-times with kidney disease. We’re talking about the chance for better technology, better medications, better quality of life.

Better outcomes for those of us living with this disease. 

Later this week I will begin canvassing for my Kidney Walk. 

I know I just appealed to you a few months ago with Heart & Stroke but please consider sponsoring me for Kidney Disease too.

I want to put my money where my mouth is . . . put the same love and effort into this walk that I did into Big Bike.

In many ways this cause is more personal. Kidney Disease didn’t strike me as viciously as heart disease but it infiltrated my life and touches every moment.

Living with a vascular access – a permanent catheter that comes out of my chest. 

Living with a fluid restricted diet.

Living the renal diet – with restrictions on potassium, phosphorous.

Living with the kidney’s affect on my heart. (Which lead to the cardiac arrest.)

Living with my dependence on a slew of medications.

Living with my dependence on my dialysis machine (30 hours of dialysis related time a week).

I’m sure you can see why it’s close to my heart.


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