This Girl is on FIRE . . .

Not necessarily a fan of the song . . . but it’s how I feel right now so it’s today’s post title.


In two days I’ve pitched an essay for a publication – that I am very happy with.

Had a great meeting with a colleague who wants to support me in my goals – in his way.

And . . . (drum roll, please) I applied to attend TEDx Toronto in September!!! 

You guys know how I feel about TED. *swooooooon*

So, a friend sends me a text with info and an application to go to a TED conference in Toronto. And when I say application I mean APPLICATION. A set of detailed questions about what I’m proud of, of instances where I turned inspiration into action, what I hope to gain from the experience and so on.

The application took me a few hours to complete. It was a useful exercise. An opportunity to see where my head is at right now. A chance for me to present my life at this particular moment.

When I finished writing and clicked the “send” button I was on a high for about two hours.


Feeling heady and cautiously optimistic.

Completing that TED application brought an overwhelming and interesting feeling over me.

The feeling that I was a messenger. And that my message was precious and important. That I needed to be extra careful with this vessel until all the messages I have are shared. (Probably write more about this in another post.)

The “sharing” is happening. And that action and momentum is so bright and empowering in my life right now. Makes me smile.

I am so thankful for the energy and inspiration to do what I need to do right now to move forward.

Great things on the horizon.

Thanks for being here with me on this journey. 


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