Last week I started using a new dialyzer with my machine!!

The dialyzer, btw, is a multi chambered device that cleans the blood (through the larger mechanism of the dialysis machine). It’s often called the artificial kidney.


What surprised me about the whole ordeal – and yes it was an ordeal in my case – was how excited I was about this new thing.

When my nurse announced we’d be using new dialyzers I was so excited that I emailed and thanked her.

When the product delivery arrived I immediately opened the box and looked at them. Even flipping through the scientifically dense users manual.

I was even excited to get on the machine and do my first dialysis treatments with this new technology.

So why would a simple upgrade, of something I already use, get me soooo excited??

For some reason I was happy for a complicated, multilayered set of reasons. Let me explain.

I thanked the dialysis nurse because I know change doesn’t happen easily in a hospital. This new technology means that someone in the nephrology department went to a conference or read industry literature that said this upgrade was worth pursuing. Then appealed to the right people so that it could become a reality for hospital dialysis patients. I’m sure this dialyzer is more expensive even – most upgrades are. The fact that I’m on the machine now – using the upgrade – signifies to me that my hospital cares about it’s renal patients. No system is perfect but it’s a good sign.

Deeper than that I am happy that people make it their professions to work on the technology that I am benefiting from. The manual promised better clearance than my other dialyzer. Clearance means cleaner blood. That’s a HUGE deal for me!!

The prospect of cleaner blood motivated me to get on the machine and try these babies out!! I am very excited to see my next blood work too. I am hoping to see marked evidence that my new dialyzers are working well.

I think it’s hard to link funding and research with day-to-day life but in my case the link feels so self evident.

Funding and research advances in kidney disease treatment has been touching me personally in the last week – even more profoundly than usual. My blood is cleaner and I will be healthier with the possibility of an even better quality of life.

When people wonder why I care so much about Kidney Disease or Heart & Stroke fundraising (from my perspective) you can begin to understand why.

The research and advancements aren’t willy-nilly abstractions for me . . . the advancement and research improve my life. Make me feel better. And if I feel better I’m going to have a better day. A better day means I can put kidney disease in the back of my mind and concentrate on living the other parts of my life. What constitutes the other parts of my life?? I have goals. Some as simple as getting to the gym. Others bigger and more lofty – like sharing my story and experience with the world. 

With goals and the hope of having some balance in my life, despite dealing with chronic kidney disease and heart disease, I can benefit from every possible positive variable (however seemingly insignificant) towards my SUCCESS.





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