Home-office EYE CANDY??? Yeeeeeees.

I’m feeling a little guilty.

Feeling a little like the parents driving their kids to college . . . but at the same time imagining all the cool things they’re gonna do with their bedrooms when they’re gone.

Eventually I won’t need a dialysis room. The machine will be wheeled away. I will say my goodbyes and the era of HOME OFFICE will begin.

I have been thinking of my “dream” home office for so long that it’s got it’s own Pinterest board. I’ve pinned a few amazing inspiration points that I look through every once and a while.

Home office eye-candy.


To me this space represents a small place carved out of your life that is set up to support your interests. In your case it may be the chair where you knit. Or a desk in the corner of your kitchen. Or the garage where you work on your classic car. It doesn’t have to be an office per se – although it’s an office in my dreams.

And I like the idea of it reflecting me and my tastes. It’s not a “place” where you should have to make much compromise. It should reflect you no matter how big or how small the area. Because it’s yours.

I’ve got all kinds of ideas buzzing around in my head. It doesn’t help that one of the personalities on a reality show I just watched had an amazing office built for her today. (Not too sure of the show but the office looked amazing. You can see where my focus was!)

In my case it will be the investment in some paint. Maybe a little fabric to cover my desk chair cushion. Some organizations shelves, (an IKEA run). And a colorful print – maybe with an inspiring quote to set the tone.

Not a big investment but surely a positive boost to me as I work towards my goals.

On the dialysis machine right now with an hour left. When I finish writing this post I will go back on-line and look for more home office inspiration. Keeping in mind that it’s a dialysis room for now.

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