Taking NO for an Answer . . .

I promised both the triumphs and the lows with this blog . . . well, heard back about my TEDx Toronto delegate application and it was a no.

A part of me is really disappointed. I really looked forward to this event. 

I looked forward to the inspiration and energy boost I imagined experiencing.

I was excited to rub shoulders with the “ideas worth sharing” people.

But, my life has shown me (again and again) that sometimes a no is simply about the timing of things. Wrong timing.

This wasn’t my time to experience TED.

I still believe that I will get to this pinnacle. I still believe that no only will I get to attend a TED conference at some point in my life . . . I believe I will give a TED talk.

I believe that when the timing is right my chance will come. I have peace in believing this.

When the opportunity is right I KNOW my time will come.

In thinking this way I can’t help but be really excited.

What does the future hold for me? 

Can’t wait to see . . .


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