Living our own versions of SUCCESS . . .

As you may or may not know I work with on-line celebrity chef, Chris De La Rosa of Chris shares his love of Caribbean cuisine with a huge international fan-base. His appeal lies in his fun, down-to-earth personality and his easy-to-follow recipe videos.

My job is a mix of things; public relations and communication, project managing, sales, etc..


Since I began working with Chris I have seen his career take off. His consistent work-ethic and focus has lead to a major increase in his YouTube views – he’s at 7 million cumulative views now. I’ve watched him be bombarded with a steady stream of unsolicited media attention. His latest highlight is his first magazine cover. (Coming soon!) He’s made national television appearances in Canada – on a major network. He even has his own weekly segment on a well produced local show, “Hamilton Life”.

Chris is on FIRE!! And his trajectory is beyond imagination!!

I think some people would find working with someone as successful as Chris deflating as far as when they look at their own goals. In my case I am experiencing an opposite reaction. I am loving this experience.

I am learning a lot about social media and relationship building. Chris is very generous with ideas, tips and advice.

I am practicing skills I’ll need as my own platform grows; handling the media, sales, etc.

And aside from what I’m learning, Chris’ success makes me believe in success for myself. Every triumph I see for him feels like a foreshadowing of my own future triumphs.

My experience of working with Chris gives me a lot of hope.

In my life I have always been surrounded by people who are stars in their fields. Writers. Celebrity wardrobe stylists. Actors. Business owners. Executives – and so on.


The successes around me have always reminded me that my turn would come one day – in my time . . . and in my way.

From that perspective these successful examples are a wonderful, life-long reminders for me of the overwhelming abundance of our existence.

I believe (I’ve learned) there is enough “success” for all of us.

I believe in the miraculous potential in every life – especially once we figure out what to do with the gifts we’ve been given.

If I can believe this for myself and I’m on a dialysis machine, living with multiple chronic illness than I think ANYONE can believe this for themselves!!

Life is good.

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2 Responses to Living our own versions of SUCCESS . . .

  1. Marijo says:

    A great Monday morning incentive to live life fully! Thanks Karen!

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