Kidney Walk COUNTDOWN . . .

Six more days until the Kidney Foundation, Kingston Chapter’s . . . Kidney Walk. The walk begins at 10am at the Woolen Mill (Sunday September 22nd) and it’s five kilometers long. 


Very exciting stuff!!

This is the first year I’ve participated. I’m ashamed to admit that – to be honest. I should have been doing this all along. I’ve had kidney disease since I was 18!! (I know now. I’m on board now. No time to beat myself up about it.)

So please do consider sponsoring me. There is still time.

(That is the link to my personal sponsorship page below.) My personal goal is $500 and I’m currently at $480?? Come on, people, don’t leave me so close to my goal!! LOL!


Want to thank the people who have already sponsored me. I am very touched that you’d make something that is so personal and important to me – important to you too. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Also like to thank my friends in the media for committing to help increase awareness about kidney disease and the walk event itself. If all goes well there will be some “good news” to share. I’ll keep quiet until it actually happens. (I know news can change quickly.)

And my final thank you is to my BFF, Louisa Vukovic the owner of Lulu’s Colour, Hair and Esthetics salon (, in Kingston. Louisa wholehearted gave her support to the walk by offering to speak to her clients about it (and by asking her staff to do so too). And by letting me put up a small display and donation box in her salon. 

Thank you, again, to everyone who has supported my participation in the Kidney Walk. 🙂

Anyone is welcome to come on Sunday morning. I’ll be there.


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