Report on the KIDNEY WALK . . .


Any communication that begins with a high-five bodes well.

(And yes, I am corny enough to still give high-fives. It don’t care how stupid it looks because it feels good).

The Kidney Walk was on Sunday, September 22nd. Despite light rain and brisk fall temperatures it was a SUCCESS!

A few specific amazing things to report:

1. The Kingston Chapter’s goal was $10, 000 and we made over $19, 000.

2. My personal goal was $500 but I made just under $800.

3. I was able to get two media outlets to cover the Kidney Walk; The Whig Standard newspaper and CKWS television.

Here is a link to the Whig Standard story:

Here is a link to the CKWS television story:

In both stories my life experience, as a person living with kidney failure, is featured to raise awareness about kidney disease. It is a little scary to share something personal so openly but I am proud that my story can contribute to awareness, in any way.

I wish I could high-five everyone who sponsored me. Who sent well-wishes. Who shared my story, formally as the media did or informally as many of you did to talk about kidney disease to a friend.

This was my first Kidney Walk and I was touched to see a crowd of participants all unified in their goal to support the cause. I even recognized a few fellow patients from the dialysis unit.

There were signs on people’s backs saying who they were walking for. Some even mentioning loved-ones who had passed. I spoke to inspiring people. I saw people who work at Kingston General Hospital or Queen’s University on the walk. It was moving to see how many people really cared.

Next year is the 50th year anniversary of Kidney Foundation . . . it’s gonna be a big one for next years Walk.

Just know I will be going all out to support that!!

Thank you, again, for your support. 

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