Attitude Check during DELAY . . .

I figure we should keep record of what life is showing us.

My theory is that if you show that you’re being conscious and paying attention, perhaps, life will be less inclined to repeat lessons so many times?? 

This weeks lesson was about patience.

I received a call from the Pre-transplant Coordinator saying that my October 15th appointment was cancelled and rescheduled for October 24th.


I know it is only the difference of 9 days but . . .


I just googled the word “patience” to look for a photo to accompany this blog post and I found and read an amazing quote. It basically said patience isn’t about waiting but more importantly it’s about your attitude while you wait.

I have to admit, the quote stopped me in my tracks. Reading it lead to a moment of reflection.

Have I had a good attitude as I’ve waited – in all the ways I’ve waited – while dealing with this “moment” in my life as a person living with kidney failure?

I’d like to think yes but I’m not 100% certain.

This time has been a long test of patience. (There are a series of tests of my patience, frankly.)

I’ve done dialysis since 2009.

My hemodialysis sessions themselves range between four and six hours long – four to five sessions per week.

I was removed from the kidney transplant list for two years because of my hospital’s policy on cancer. (A reasonable policy and a reasonable concern.)

I thought I’d be back on the kidney transplant list by July 2013 and I now know I will have to wait until October 24th . . . and perhaps longer.

I am doing dialysis to keep me alive while I wait for a new kidney.

This experience has definitely been a huge test of patience.


Here is the photo I found to support this post.

My attitude will benefit from a laugh. (And that cartoon is funny to me. Although I’m not sure what a book is doing hanging out with chickens??)

Okay . . .

Fifty minutes left on the dialysis machine.

Stand-up comedy playing on the TV.

Point taken . . . be mindful of my attitude while I am waiting.


Sorry this wasn’t a very exciting blog post but I wanted to share this because I know we’re all waiting and trying to be patient about something(s) in our lives. I’m going to check my attitude.

Comedy helps! 🙂

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