Can New York City be RECAPTURED?

Thinking back on one of the most productive times in my life. I was living in New York City and working as an actress . . . and waitress. 🙂

Looking critically at the situation I can see two things that contributed to my amazing productivity; how passionate I was about acting (and the business of acting itself) and the pace and momentum of New York as a city.


I am trying to figure out how to replicate that energy in my life now??

I have one half of the situation managed . . . I am very passionate about my professional patient work (advising, advocacy, public speaking and writing). I wake up everyday excited about my life’s work and my future as a professional patient.

It’s my environment that is lacking.

In New York there was a natural pace to the city. A non-stop double-dutch that I confidently jumped in and joined when I moved there.

The energy permeated every aspect of my life. You walk faster. You talk faster. You expect more of yourself. I’m sure the average New Yorker’s heart-rate is probably faster than other people’s heart-rates! This pace touches you that fundamentally.

Another factor worth mentioning was the shared energy of this city. You felt like you were mingling with the sharpest and brightest minds. Even as an actress I felt proud to be on stage with Yale and Juillard theatre graduates. I was surrounded by confident motivated people. You couldn’t help but bring your best game. Without even trying we motivated each other.

Even in my job as a waitress we applauded each other’s achievements. I remember watching one of my friends dance and sing back-up on Saturday Night Live and then sling tables with me the next day at the restaurant. We were all climbing and striving and the positive momentum was tangible and extremely contagious.

I miss that.

Living in a small (very small) city in Canada the energy isn’t there. It almost feels vapid. 

Luckily I’ve found a few like-minded people who remind me of my New York friends; energy, brains and ambition-wise. 

Maybe as I further cultivate this energy I’ll meet more?

Even as I think about up-ing my game and up-ing my energy I need to keep in mind the blistering pace my health and fitness schedule is at . . . and therefore cut myself a little slack.

The most important consideration right now will be balance, frankly.

That being said, I am feeling a serious shift happening in my life. And the foreshadowing of something big and wonderful.

It might not be a coincidence that New York is coming to mind.

I might never move back there but the New York energy is beaconing and I will follow.



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