Post DISCLAIMER: Spirituality Ahead . . .

Wanted to write to let you know that after some persuasion and prompting, I will be adding a spiritual element to my one year to kidney transplant journey blog.

My spiritual perspective is a huge part of my life but a realm that until now I’ve keep pretty private. My feeling was that perhaps that side of me was too personal and too subjective to be shared?

Friends have helped me to understand (right or wrong) that my spiritual journey figures into this year as prominently as anything else has.

Maybe most prominently?


What I’ve decided to do is to begin all spiritual-related post entries with a disclaimer so you can decide if you’d like to continue reading or not.

I hope you will consider reading them – or even just the first few to see if they interest you or not. 

I will not be heavy-handed with them either. I’ll interject these posts in amongst all the other stuff.

From my perspective you’ve shared almost one year with me (yes we’re almost at the one year mark – end of November) and I’ve included you in a lot of my other preparation.

Professional preparation. Taking advantage of this time in advance of my kidney transplant transplant surgery. Evolving the skill and opportunity to share my message(s) using writing, public speaking, advocacy and patient experience advising.

Physical preparation. Sticking to my dialysis and gym schedules in order to set myself up for the physical success side of this surgery. Healthier pre-transplant patient, better outcome. 🙂

Mental preparation. Psyching myself up for what this transplant really means for me. What the transplant is? How my life will change after I have a new kidney? How my trajectory can change? My location in the world can change once I’m not tethered to a dialysis machine? Grappling with these factors. Good change can be as scary as negative change, frankly.

And my spiritual preparation . . .

I have had a journey around spiritually preparing for this transplant (and life change) but have mostly kept this to myself. For those interested, join me as I share what’s transpired this year, how I feel now and what I’m hoping for.

I am learning so much doing this blog. I need a separate post just to list the benefits I’ve derived.

Sharing my spiritual journey may well be the scariest part of this blog “proposition”. YIKES!!


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