Small CBC segment with Kingston General Hospital . . .

Last week I participated in media interviews at Kingston General Hospital. CBC*, New Brunswick came to KGH to speak to staff and patient experience advisors about our hospital’s patient-centred approach to healthcare.

It was an honour to share my perspective and experience. It was challenging to be interviewed . . . and great practice. (The type of experience that builds confidence.) 

Here is the link to the four segments that our collective footage helped create. This link also includes an interesting article.

The first two segments are to the top left-hand side. They passionately help depict the bigger picture of KGH patient-centred care. Worth the watch.

To see my contribution check out the “Must Watch” section to the bottom right of the page.

Worth mentioning . . .

My KGH boss, Daryl Bell**, bravely blurs the lines between hospital exec and patient experience advisor as he shares his perspective as a cancer patient at KGH. His segment speaks to his grace as a man. You can understand how our team succeeds and flourishes lead by someone like this. 

Again, I am thankful to be able to share my perspective in this story. If KGH’s story can help improve healthcare by example then we are definitely on the right track.


* CBC stands for the Canadian Broadcast Corporation

** Daryl Bell’s official titles are Lead for Patient and Family Centred Care and Professional Practice Leader for Spiritual Care – at Kingston General Hospital

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