I’m back!!

Want to apologize for my posts being sparse in the last few weeks. To say it’s been busy would be an understatement.

Two conferences.

A TV appearance for my CaribbeanPot.com boss, Chris De La Rosa, on CTV’s morning show, “Canada AM”.

A important medical appointment. (That I still need to report on.)

All four events had me traveling from Kingston to Toronto. All four events happened within two weeks.

Taking my dialysis, work and gym schedules into consideration, I was a little overwhelmed. 

My tactic for extra busy times is to pace myself.

I went to the gym less, I slept more and I gave myself a break with my blog post writing. Sometimes just allowing myself “zone out” time. A time to jump off the hamster wheel for a moment and just REST.

I feel very guilty that my blog took the hit but in all honesty, something had to.

I’m back!!!

Thanks for your patience as I juggle multiple balls in the air at the same time. (Including two very new and VERY exciting junctures!! I will share the news soon.)

Right now I am on the machine doing my Sunday six hour dialysis session . . . . with an hour and ten minutes to go.

I am looking at an exciting work week ahead of me – including getting back to about my 80% of my regular gym schedule.

I’m reluctant to stick another metaphor/analogy in here but . . . I’m giving myself the locker room pep talk to get my head right.


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