My personal (holistic) life challenge . . .

I’m seeing a lot of guides around me suggesting ways to change and improve my life. 

On blogs.



Of course I understand that it’s not a coincidence that I am seeing these things at this particular moment in my life.

One of the lists I found was called an Environmental Scan. It was on the website of a life and relationship coach named, Barry Price. The purpose of this list is to look at important areas of your life and see if you’re satisfied with these “environments”.

I will share the list with you – and the description of what these environments encompass.

9 Life Environments:

Body – Your body, health, fitness, sleep, diet and energy.

Self – Your emotions, attitudes, beliefs, self-esteem, self-acceptance.

Physical – Your surroundings, home, office, car, belongings.

Memetic – The ideas you consume through music, tv, books and media.

Nature – Contact with plants, animals, parks, lakes, forests, outdoors.

Spiritual – Daily practice of connection to something bigger than you.

Financial – Money, savings, spending, earnings, bills, checks.

Network – Acquaintances or people you are around but not close to.

Relationships – Close friends, family or lovers.


The goal of presenting these environments is not just to rate your satisfaction with these areas but to set goals related to these things.

Because of my nature, I found this exercise really interesting. (The Type A in me, I fear! LOL.)

A way for me to strive to create balance in my life.

A way for me to set new goals and to improve aspects of my life.

A way for me to think about my life differently – in a holistic way.

On the other hand . . .

Curiously, I also read a blog post about Western culture never being satisfied. And how society has us feeling like we’re never good enough, therefore creating a drive in us to buy things and aspire to never-ending unrealistic ideals and goals.

So which is it?? Is this kind of reflection a good or bad thing???

I think the healthy way of looking at your life is to find the confidence and balance to strive towards becoming what is ideal for you.

Kind of like being a swimmer that is continually fighting to beat his or her own record. 

Keeping your head, mind and eyes in your own lane and being the best that YOU can be.

It’s hard not to compare. Especially when we’re bombarded with images of what success looks like in all of these categories.

For me the balance can be found by considering what I think MY goals should be in each of these categories. Maybe considering what society considers success but tempering that idea with a realistic scan of where I am now. Also tempering that idea from a place of love for myself and confidence in who I am – and who I’d like to eventually be. 

We can all gauge our ideas of our goals like that? Over time and with self-love.

Something to think about . . .

Right now I feel like I’m the butterfly ready to emerge from the cocoon.  


I am being patient and doing the work now so that I can FLY (and succeed) in my next stage.

Having new ways to think about this time of transition in my life excites me.

Challenges me.

Makes me very hopeful about what is ahead.

Consider going through this list of “life environments” and seeing how satisfied you are?

What you would change?

What you can be happy and proud of already. (Recognizing some positive and not just negative.)

I am enjoying this challenge.

A personal life-long journey and “calling” to be the best me I can be.

As always, WORK TO DO. 🙂

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