Spiritual Bookends . . .


Today’s post is “spiritual” in nature. Just giving you some notice in case that’s not your cup of tea.


Recently was reminded of the concept of “guarding your gates”. Being mindful of what ideas enter your mind through your eyes and ears. I think the expression originates from the Bible. It always resonates with me.

I was reminded of my “gates” again when I was introduced to the word MEMETIC in the Environment Life Scan I shared last week.

Memetic is defined as the ideas you consume through music, tv, books and media.

If I believe this concept, I can only imagine the crap I’ve flooded my thoughts with listening to mindless music, surfing the web and watching garbage TV.

It’s just hard to give up the inane pleasure of mindless radio and YouTube or Pinterest.

I’m not sure if I could?

I really enjoy watching funny videos.

Or stand-up comedy.

Or tiny fluff-ball kittens terrorizing huge dogs.

I think there is a benefit to these moments too.

Many a dialysis session I’ve endured laughing at Kevin Hart or Russell Peters. 

Smiling at Sheldon and Penny’s cuteness (“Big Band Theory”).

Or watching a Rihanna playlist – including bussin’ some bad-gyal dance moves.

As always, I think the ultimate benefit comes from finding some balance.

Here’s what I’ve come up with . . .

15 to 30 minutes of something positive in the morning as soon as I get up.

15 to 30 minutes of something positive before I go to bed at night.

No Facebook or email or texts before I do this in the morning. And none of that after I do this at night.

Spiritual Bookends.

So, what have I decided is positive (for me)??

  • reading a “make my life better” book
  • listening to inspirational teachings
  • listening to quiet inspirational music
  • listening to guided meditation 
  • following yoga videos

It’s only been two days so I can’t rave of any results yet. (I can’t even rave about sleeping better because I use sleep aids most nights because people with kidney failure have serious sleep issues.)

I do believe that I will gain a benefit though.

Maybe nothing as obvious as better sleep or a better disposition or “whiter teeth”.

Probably something more subtle . . . like a stronger foundation to weather life’s storms.

Maybe a stronger back to carry my burdens?

Perhaps just more CALM??

Something tells me that even if I can’t see any obvious benefit I should still do it.


As much as value my fluff, I think everything is in better perspective now.

Please share any videos or books you think I might like.

(Currently reading, “Mere Christianity” by C.S. Lewis . . . and enjoying having time specifically dedicated to doing this.)

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